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Griha Pravesham

Description and guidelines for all the processes right from the selection of site to construction of the building, and of orientation of various rooms in directions, height of the rooms, positions of the doors etc. is found in Vaastu Shastra. Actually the text that guides us to plan and construct a town, temple, residential house, cattle shed, or any other building equipped with all necessary amenities for the comfort and utility of mankind is given the name Vaastu Shastra which has been divinely described in Indian culture and scriptures.

Griha Pravesh (i.e. first entry into the newly built house) is also as important aspect of Vaastu-Shastra and it has to be dealt with here in this book. After the house is complete in all respects, living in that house is started at some auspicious moment determined on astrological considerations. The first entry in the house at the auspicious moment is called Graha Pravesh ceremony. Three types of Graha Pravesh have been mentioned in the scriptures -

(1) Apoorva - First entry to live in house newly constructed on a newly selected land is called Apoorva (new) Graha Pravesh.

(2) Sapoorva - Entry into an already existing house to live in it after traveling abroad or migration elsewhere, is called Sapoorva griha pravesh.

(3) Dwandwah - Entry into a house to live in it after reconstruction/renovation of the house damaged by fire, flood waters, electricity, wind etc. is termed as Dwandwah (or old) Griha Pravesh.

Scriptures have described the procedures of Griha Pravesh at auspicious time (muhurat) and purity (defectless) of Panchang. For Apoorva Graha Pravesh perfect auspicious time should be adhered to and fro Griha Pravesh in a reconstructed house or after migration the purity of Panchang should be given consideration.

If the doors of a house are not fitted with shutters, or the roof is not covered, or the God, Vaastu have not been worshipped and offered sacrifices, and if the priests etc. have not been offered feast, first entry into such house (Griha Pravesh) should not be accomplished till the above things are completed, otherwise living in that house will be full of troubles and miseries.  Therefore living in a house should be started only after offering sacrifices and worshipping Vaastu as per procedure given in scriptures.

Entry into a house built of grass and leaves etc. may be performed on any auspicious day. In houses built with bricks, stone, mud, cement etc. the first entry is auspicious when the sun is Uttarayan.

As far as possible Griha Pravesh should be accomplished in the day only, it will be auspicious. Normally, it can be done at any auspicious moment in the day or night. Guru (Jupiter) or Shukra (Venus) being set (invisible) i.e. Tara does not matter in case of Griha Pravesh in a old renovated house.

For the ceremony of giving food to a child for the first time (Anna Prashan), wearing new clothes, daily travels, first entry into an old renovated house and entry of a bride in the house, invisibility (setting) of Jupiter (Guru) and Venus (Shukra) i.e. Tara should not be considered, only the purity and auspiciousness of the Panchang should be considered in such cases. Auspicious months for Graha Pravesh are:

Chingam - The 1st month of Malayalam era
Thulam - The 3rd month of Malayalam era
Vrisehikam - The 4th month of Malayalam era
Makaram - The 6th month of Malayalam era
Meenam - The 8th month of Malayalam era
Medam - The 9th month of Malayalam era
Edavam - The 10th month of Malayalam era
Midhunam - The 11th month of Malayalam era

The stars qualified as ' Oon nalukal'

Uthram - 12th star in the 27 stars in Malayalam astrology
Uthradam - 21st star in the 27 stars in Malayalam astrology
Rohini - 4th star in the 27 stars in Malayalam astrology
Chittira -14th star in the 27 stars in Malayalam astrology
Revathi - 27th star in the 27 stars in Malayalam astrology
Anizham - 17th star in the 27 stars in Malayalam astrology
Makayiram - 5th star in the 27 stars in Malayalam astrology


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